The soul of the island, the source of all the stories, lies within the hands of the Creator. Young, inexperienced and a little shy somehow, she rather stays in the background of it all. Therefore, I shall be your guide on this trip. If you have any questions, you can refer to me as Patricia Hayden, or short of Patricia. This page, this island as we call it, invites its guests to feel free, relax and enjoy the magic of imagination. We are open to suggestions about any aspect to improve your stay here and to make sure you have a pleasant and most wonderful time here. Just recently we celebrated the existence of the Creator’s 20th summer on this planet, on our national holiday, August 1st. A marvellous, spectacular celebration that was indeed!

In other notice, what else you need to know about the Creator, her name is Sara. Obviously stated, she is a young girl with a somehow creepy love for darkness. I want to specify, but I do not wish to scare away anyone, so just know she likes loud music when she writes. Or when she takes a shower. Anyhow, this will barely come to the surface further when you explore her home. She is a very kind person, who wishes no harm to anyone and will do anything for those she loves. She has a man in her life, and I can safely state that he is a gorgeous, fantastic man who lights her path through the darkness of a misty, clouded world.

Except for stories, there will be some poetry. But not to worry, if that’s rather not your cup of tea, feel free to leave the poetry section to other visitors, it will be divided as sharply as possible. With this I conclude my tour of what the Island is all about and what you might expect to find here lying around. Best of luck with finding your way through and please, enjoy your stay!